#Afonso – Episode 5: An expert on wearing down love

#Afonso – Episode 5: An expert on wearing down love

Men have a skill of wearing down love, of breaking and tearing up the smiles we just wanted slightly torn because happiness was too much to contain all inside, but that are now looking shattered after all. After meeting with some friends in the park, Afonso could not this thought let go:

– We men have this fucking skill to wear down the soul, to break and tear the little love there is to give after all these troubles.

Still, along the way, women learn the art of kissing without feeling the absence, being as far as possible from the silence. They learn that all this may not be as charming as they wished it was; that when you enter the field, game has a set time to come to an end. But this time, it was Afonso, the one that has always played the same way, who did not like the bitter taste of getting to the end of this game:

– And what the fuck, now that I was there, you tell me there’s no love left to give.

Translated from #Afonso – Episódio 5: A perícia de desgastar o amor

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