(Unwanted?) Ads

(Unwanted?) Ads

This is a short, unbiased and transparent post about the reasons why I have ads on my pages. As most of you may already know, there are direct costs associated with keeping a website live (such as the domain and the server where we have our contents), if we really want to do it the right way since day 1, so we can let everyone know that our project is serious and trustworthy, as we’re investing in it before everyone else invest too. Even if those costs are just the same as going out to dinner or going to a music festival or concert, every year, there is also the opportunity cost for the ones creating content, investing their own time, as they could be working on any other paid project instead. At the end of the day, even starting as a hobby, we should be able to work on it and make a living out of it, if that makes us happy. So, ads (even if unwanted, I know) allow us to monetize our website (even if little, for now) and get some financial return on our investment. This just makes me think of something I’ve read the other day, that an artist does not (or should not) have to starve to be able to create art.

Like I told you on my first post, one of my main goals is to be able to become a full-time writer/creative. To be able to accomplish that, I just need to start monetizing this website, step by step, while I write all the posts I’ve been and will be sharing with you. So, besides ads (so annoying, some of you would say), like the ones that appear on pop-ups or banners, when you open my page or you keep my page open for a while, I may also start to publish content that is sponsored or affiliated (they would pay me whenever you accomplish a specific action or buy something, using my referral/affiliate code or URL). It’s very important to highlight that I will always be unbiased regarding those products or contents I may write about and that I will always tell you if that content is sponsored or affiliated. I think it’s very important to be transparent!

Meanwhile, I will just ask you to keep visiting my website, comment my posts, send me suggestions or feedback and share it with everyone else you know, whenever you can or think it’s appropriate! Even though my content is not a youtube video, some of Mark’s suggestion on the below video may help me and this website growing, more and more every day 🙂 so I could then be spending all my time working on this and bringing you original and fresh new content more often.

Please note, I’m sharing this video because I really relate to Mark’s message and he really talks about nice ideas you can follow in order to support online artists, be it youtube video creators or any other creator on platforms that get monetized through ads and sponsors. Although Mark was a former teacher I had at NOVA SBE, a lot of years ago, this is not sponsored nor I was asked to share it.

I hope to see you here again soon,


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  1. I completely understand your perspective – when I started my blog I didn’t want to include ads, because I wanted to give my readers the cleanest possible experience. But it’s like you say, keeping a blog online has a cost.

    After a year I added Google Adsense to my blog and now it’s sustainable, meaning the ad revenue pays for the maintenance costs of the blog.

    I recently started accepting some paid guest posts. I’m still trying to find a balance – it’s good that brands see value in my blog, but I don’t want to look like I’m selling my identity.

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