#Afonso – Episode 7: Swear me you won’t run away

#Afonso – Episode 7: Swear me you won’t run away

Afonso never gets tired of trying to get his way, even after they have walked away and stopped giving in to his whims:

– Have I told you about how many times I’ve wished you were here, floating your way into this silent house? Undressed, delicate, taking your time… Have I told you that? That I wanted your body, still, just as away from me as your sighs used to be, torturing and weakening me, but still so damn good! While you had no idea about it, Rita had, as Maria did, and Ana, Filipa, Catarina… While you have no clue (really, you do not even seem to care), you tear my peace apart because I want you to be the only one getting it this time, damn, I want you this time, I don’t want to face this night alone. Just swear me you won’t go away and let me crave you for weeks, like in a stubborn loop, always pushing the repeat button, whenever the end gets closer. You drive me crazy, with shattered dreams, biting my own lip and not getting any sleep. You drive me crazy, and feeling so stupid as I got to think of Rita and Maria, before thinking of you… Still, from 9 am to 9 pm there is this life where neither Filipas nor Catarinas get in. I don’t even need you to tell me that, really, as it’s a place where you don’t get in either… I’m sorry, seriously, but from 9 to 9, I know I will just be me, walking around and doing my thing.

Translated from my original post – Afonso – Episódio 7: Jura que não foges

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