#Afonso – Episode 8 (last): See you someday

#Afonso – Episode 8 (last): See you someday

– I let you bury me, when you go, in a way that it feels like this weight actually washes away the weight of wanting you from me. Or over me, either way, who cares, really… It’s sudden, kinda fleeting, but it keeps happening over and over, in silence, clinging to memories and to what we were before. I so then bury my wishes, like I was told I should do. I hide them, as it seems that someone is trying to steal them from me. It’s not worth it, because this story can still have a happy ending as long as we stop trying to fix this broken mirror we got, wishing so bad for a happy ending that is nothing like the one we can really have now. It’s not worth it, Afonso, I’ve already freed myself from those chains you got me and I’m so much happier this way! See you someday, Afonso, see you when I’ll be just indifferent to your everyday gaze and words!

She said. And she said it so well!

Translated from my original post – #Afonso – Episódio 8 (último): Até qualquer dia

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