Fiction vs reality

Fiction vs reality

One of the most common questions I get from people I know is if my stories are about me, about my own life. That’s quite a hard question to answer if we dig deep into what that really means… Although some of them may have been influenced by things that happened to me or to someone I know, or even things I’ve heard before, they are just made-up stories at the end of the day. They may have some bits of my own reality, even if not directly about me, and they are usually about things I care or that I’m concerned about, but they are not a reflection of what happened to me. I don’t want this to be a diary of my own despairs and achievements, except for some regular blog posts I have in addition to my creative writing.

Actually, I’m not a fan of science-fiction or parallel magic worlds because I like to read and see stories that could happen to any one of us, on an ordinary day like today! Sometimes I like to tell you stories without even telling you names or places, so that those stories could virtually happen anywhere, anytime, and so that you can focus on feelings and emotions rather on the context and physical place. But don’t worry, I will do my best to show you engaging stories with lots of names and places sometimes too!

However, this website is not only a place where I share some short stories, scripts, or whatever other formats that comes along, and it’s also a personal blog. Thus, I will sometimes share posts with some information to help you navigate this website, some posts about my journey (who knows, about me quitting my full-time job, moving from Lisbon, in Portugal, to Toronto, in Canada), or cool stuff I get to know and thing you will like to know too. To avoid getting you confused about what is fiction or what is real, I’m using complimentary different ways of making sure you get it:

Every post belongs to a category (or categories), which you can see on the left bottom of the pos. You can also filter by category on the header or right-side panel menu. You can choose between blog posts or fiction. In the future, the fiction category may be sub-divided into different collections, so it’s easier to find specific texts. As there are not so many series or collections, they will be all together in the fiction category.

Every post has a set of tags that help further categorize the post based on its type of writing, the collection/series name (e.g. several posts may belong to a collection because they are independent stories but are theme-related or you can see several episodes or chapters of a series that are all related to each other), or themes to which the posts relate to. You can see the most common tags on the website bottom section or you can the post tags at the end of each post, on the right side.

Every fiction blog post title will begin by “#Series Name” or “#Collection name” so you can know to which series or collection that story belongs to. When the hashtag is missing, then it’s a regular blog post.

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