Thriving for holistic sustainability: finding the world’s and our own balances

Thriving for holistic sustainability: finding the world’s and our own balances

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One of the topics I’m very fond of is sustainability. Sustainability has evolved from being just an environmental concern to a holistic one, focusing on a broad range of areas such as society, culture and economics.

While protecting the environment is consensual, on average; it’s not that easy when it comes to the other areas, especially when it comes to social and cultural sustainability, so much dependent on each ones’ preferences, profiles and also tastes we may say.

To make it simpler, we may just say that sustainability is to work on avoiding the depletion of resources to maintain any specific area balance. So, when it comes to culture and society, who knows what balance is? Is your balance the same as mine?

Probably not! Having an active and outgoing life outdoors for most of the time and working as little as possible may be the balance for some people while relaxing at home, reading a book, and then working full-time during the week can be the balance for others. Then, finding each ones’ balance is very important but also challenging, and ultimately rewarding if one can then achieve it.

My current primary goal is to achieve this holistic balance, but, still, my priority is my personal balance. It’s funny that I found that arguing and trying to fix what’s wrong when it comes to economic sustainability was making me lose my own balance, making me edgy and stressed a lot of times. It still does, but I’m trying to find ways to stop that… I think that it was mostly because I could not make the world get better nor change so many rotting ways of doing business and treating people. My partner once told me that I would either accept it the way it was or that I should join politics because I would hardly be able to change anything. While hard to swallow that, it got me thinking that economic sustainability is the harder one to achieve within all these areas, at least for me at this point, so I decided to focus on all other areas.

In my next posts, I’ll be sharing some habits and ideas to work on my balance and, I hope, yours too.

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